Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-04-10T20:12:21+01:00

The process of securing a place or scholarship at a college or university in the United Kingdom can be complex and you will no doubt have many questions regarding the process so we we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions below. If after reviewing these responses you have additional questions please do get in touch


Top FAQs

I am an international student can I still use your services?2023-07-20T21:07:48+01:00

Yes we have placed over 1,000 students and student-athletes from all over the word at universities and colleges.

What different services do you offer students?2023-07-20T21:08:23+01:00

We help talented students and / or student-athletes navigate the UK education system and help they find suitable university options in the UK. As a UCAS registered centre we also assist with the process of applying and being admitted.

Are there many sports scholarship opportunities available?2023-07-20T21:10:53+01:00

Sports scholarships in the UK come in various forms, depending on the university’s focus and available resources. Some institutions offer scholarships that contribute towards tuition fees, accommodation, and additional expenses, while others provide partial scholarships that may cover specific costs. Universities also differ in the sports they offer scholarships for, ranging from popular sports like football, rugby, and cricket to niche sports like fencing, rowing, and equestrian.

Do I have to compete at a specific level of sport to use your service?2023-07-20T21:07:13+01:00

No there is no required level we work with elite level athletes through to recreational student-athletes who play to socialise and keep fit.

Do need a visa to study in the UK as an international student?2023-07-20T21:08:46+01:00

Yes if you are not a UK passport holder you will need a visa but don’t worry in collaboration with our educational partners we can assist you with this.

If after reviewing the responses to the frequently asked questions we receive above you have additional questions please do get in touch

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