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U.S Sports Scholarships provides a guarantee to each client that every effort will be made to provide them with opportunities to attend a university that best fits their academic, athletic, financial and social needs – and we are committed to each client until this has been achieved.

However, it is prohibited under both NCAA regulations ( Talent Evaluation Services & Agents) and British Consumer Law for either U.S Sports Scholarships – or any sports scholarship agency – to provide promises, guarantees or assurances regarding specific scholarship offers to any U.S college or university.

Securing scholarship opportunities is clearly our goal for our clients, and every one of our past Premier Athlete clients has received offers, but it cannot be a condition of signing with us. As much as we have an extensive network of coaches we cannot force a team to sign a player if they are not what they are looking for at that particular time. In addition, some elements of the process will be under your control not ours; for example how well you do on the SAT exam. As a result, we are thorough when assessing our athletes, because unless we are extremely confident of being able to help a student-athlete, we cannot sign them.


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